Code of Ethics:

Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Based on their humanitarian goals and duties and in line with Islamic doctrine, rendering free services, love, honoring people, protecting human values and dignity are among the major concerns and priorities of IRCS’s employees. They also bound themselves to fulfill the code of ethics by having faith in God’s will.

·         Emphasis on piety, justice, honor and modesty as well as faith in religious and national culture and following them in their speech and behavior

·         Rendering services to human beings especially those in emergency situations with maintaining their honor and based on the seven fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement in the framework of Islamic rules and divine success

·         Observing visitors, colleagues, and veterans’ honor, courtesy and dignity and being loyal to criticism, accountability, responsibility and mutual trust

·         Observing workplace discipline and clothing etiquette with respect to Islamic and national culture. 

·         Observing and full execution of law an administrative rules and regulations, prevention from abuse of authority power,  avoid discrimination in interactions and work-related communications, and keeping organizational information and secrets

·         Optimal utilization  of IRCS’s resources and facilities, and avoid wastage by saving and elimination of redundant formalities

·         Adhering to job culture and struggle for proper and timely execution of commitments, and being responsible towards the IRCS, and establishing balance between organizational and individual interest

·         Struggle for the optimal utilization of information, knowledge, and science and promotion of scientific and technical capabilities in the field of their assigned affairs

·         Being punctual in carrying out activities and commitments and respecting people’s time and rights


With God’s help and with a right understanding of their important and precious responsibilities, all colleagues must struggle for promoting the level of people’s satisfaction and protect their dignity.

Last Update : Jun 11, 2022 09:38