Every nation considers its historical background as an integral part of its identity and deems it obligatory to protect and preserve it. Returning to oneself and deeply reflecting on our cultural, historical and scientific roots play a crucial role in the development and reform of society. Among the precious heritage of Iran and the proud Iranian-Islamic civilization are the richness of medical knowledge and the existence of world famous scholars, experts and sages. Few people have not heard the names of Abu Ali Sina, Zakaria Razi, Jorjani and hundreds of other scholars. Magnificent works such as Shafa, Qanun, Al-Hawi and Khwarezmshahi Reserve have provided unique services to humanity for centuries as the most important sources of medical science and made Iranians around the world feel honored

Our beloved country Iran has a unique place in the plant geography of the world in terms of plant diversity, especially in terms of medicinal plants. According to botanists and researchers in natural sciences, the number of plant species in Iran is about 8000 species, of which more than 2000 species have medicinal, aromatic, spice, cosmetic and health properties. Therefore, according to the 20-years development vision document and in order to reduce the vulnerability of economic development goals, the society's enjoyment of health, welfare, food security, and proper income distribution, the need to achieve a good share of the global market of medicinal plants, expansion of non-oil exports and diversification of export earnings through medicinal plants and herbal products is felt more than before in the country

Based on the available facts, the Medical Procurement Organization of the Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran founded and put into operation the Soha Jissa Agro-Industry and Medicinal Plants Processing Factory in 2003 in the Salmanshahr Industrial Township located in Abbasabad, Mazandaran. It is hoped that with the grace and care of God Almighty and officials' support, empathy and compassion of the esteemed colleagues, a small step will be taken towards the progress and development of the country

I wish all the esteemed colleagues and the great family of the Red Crescent great success and good health


S.M. Hejazi Kojori



Last Update : Jun 1, 2022 09:52