Soha Jissa Company was established in 2001 with the support of the Medical Procurement Organization of the Red Crescent Society of Iran in Mazandaran province, Salmanshahr industrial town in an area of 17,000 square meters and infrastructure of more than 5600 square meters and was put into operation in 2003. It is also noteworthy that despite the existing history of using medicinal plants in traditional medicine and the unique plant diversity of our country, the shortcomings in the infrastructure of the pharmaceutical industry have made the country not make an optimal use of this God-given resource. Consequently, on the one hand, the factories manufacturing cosmetic and medicinal products in many cases have no option but to import plant extracts from abroad, or on the other hand, valuable and unique plants of the country are exported raw with the least added value and without processing and preparation.

Having observed the aforementioned problems, the Soha Jissa Agro-Industry and Medicinal Plants Processing Factory decided to increase the added value of our country's natural resources by planning to build a plant for extracting medicinal plants while eliminating the country's shortage of various types of medicinal plant extracts.

In view of the available facilities, the factory has, over time, tried to diversify its products and designed and produced packaged products, including single-plant and mixed brews and processed tea to the extent that currently the Soha Jissa factory has taken license to produce more than 300 types of herbal products from the Ministry of Health with the potential to be used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and hygiene  (Solid, hydroalcoholic, propyleneglycol, glycerin, aqueous and oily extract, packaging of medicinal plants, tea and dried vegetables). At present, it is the largest producer of plant products in Mazandaran province and even in the country.

Last Update : Jun 1, 2022 09:15