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After Lunch tea

Soha Jissa

After Lunch tea

Afternoon tea is a combination of mint, ox tongue, sour tea and black tea
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After Lunch tea
Soha Jissa

Lunch tea is a combination of mint, beef tongue flower, sour tea and black tea

This tea is anti-flatulence due to the presence of mint and also makes digestion easier. The important thing about the effectiveness of mint products in treating bloating and heartburn is that the compounds in the essential oil (scent) of this plant are absorbed within a few minutes (about 10 to 15 minutes) and control the resulting problems, and if Eaten at the same time as eating, they prevent bloating and heartburn, so they have healing properties and prevent bloating and heartburn. Black tea is used because of its very strong antioxidant properties and sedative properties, strengthening mental powers and relieving fatigue.
In addition to creating the right color, sour tea is used because of its effects such as mild laxative, anti-biliary, sugar control and blood cholesterol. One of the medicinal properties of the plant tongue flower plant used in this product is its calming nerves.
It is better not to breastfeed during pregnancy and in children under 6 years old .
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