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Night tea

Soha Jissa

Night tea

Scientific name: Night Tea
Used: sedative, anti-stress, anti-fatigue and physical deficiencies
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Night tea
Soha Jissa
Night tea is a combination of: Melissa (lemon balm), lemon, beef flower, sour tea and black tea.

This decoction is used as a sedative in nervousness and dizziness due to its lemon balm, sedative, anti-stress, anti-fatigue and anti-physical deficiencies. Melissa extract is suitable for calming nervous, irritable and sensitive people. People with neurological disorders may use melissa as a booster, especially for nervous vomiting and nausea. Among the medicinal properties of the rosehip plant in this product, we can mention sedation, analgesic for headaches. In traditional Iranian medicine, the plant tongue has been used extensively in the mentioned cases. In addition to color and taste, sour tea is also used due to its effects such as mild laxative, anti-biliary, sugar control and blood cholesterol. In addition to good taste, lemon is used in the treatment of digestive disorders and indigestion, bloating and nerve pain.

In general, the combination of this infusion with creating a sense


of relaxation is recommended for consumption at night. It has no side effects in moderation and
It can have many benefits for the body. It is better not to use it during pregnancy, breastfeeding and in children under 6 years old. No side effects have been reported for this tea so far.


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